Desktop Survival Guide
by Graham Williams

Standalone Installation

The required software for installing Rattle under MS/Windows has been packaged into a single Distribution as a CD image for installation on a standalone computer to install all the required packages to get a fully functional Rattle.

The CD (or a zip to download) can be obtained for a small processing fee from

Once downloaded it will take about 15 minutes to install rattle with full functionality on MS/Windows. In brief, the steps are:

  1. Browse to the CD
  2. Install R by double clicking the icon for R-2.11.1-win32.exe. Choose the default options, when asked, unless you know better.
  3. Start up R (Click the R Icon on the Desktop).
  4. From the File menu choose "Change dir..."
  5. Browse to and select the Distribution and click the OK button.
  6. From the File menu choose "Source R code..."
  7. Select install.R and click the Open button. If any of the requisite applications fails to install, try installing them by browsing to the Distribution folder and directly double clicking the appropriate .exe file, as we did to install R.
  8. From the File menu choose Packages->Install ... local zip.... This will install a suite of prerequisite applications for R and Rattle. On MS/Windows 7 watch for Installer icons in the bottom panel and click them to continue the installation.
  9. Browse to the Rpackages folder within the Distribution.
  10. Select all files (Ctrl-A).
  11. Click Open. This should install each package. At random times an error occurs in normalizePath(path). If that occurs, repeat the selection of R packages, but instead of selecting all files, select the package that failed, plus all of the following packages.
  12. Exit and restart R to test the installation:

    > library(rattle)
    > rattle()

You should see a simple decision tree.

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