Desktop Survival Guide
by Graham Williams

Internet Connected Installation

For MS/Windows 32bit (XP or Vista or 7) on a machine directly connected to the Internet:

  1. Download and install GTK+ (2.22.0 is 7.8MB) from:

  2. Download and install R (2.12.0 is 37MB) from:
    Choosing all the defaults on the install works just fine.

  3. Install Rattle by opening the R Desktop icon and:

    > install.packages("rattle")

    R asks us to nominate a CRAN mirror. Choose a nearby location. A few dependent packages will be installed.

  4. Start Rattle by opening the R Desktop icon and:

    > library(rattle)
    > rattle()

  5. Optional: Install other packages Rattle uses. Rattle will notice these packages missing as they are required and offer to install them. However, we can install them all now if we might not always be connected to the Internet. We might need to restart R to be able to reinstall Rattle.

    > install.packages("rattle", dep=c("Suggests"))

  6. Optional: Download and install GGobi (2.1.8 is 807KB) from:

  7. Optional: You may like to install Emacs Speaks S, a comprehensive environment for writing R code on MS/Windows. Download and install the latest version available (39.9MB) from:

  8. Alternative Option: You may like to install Tinn-R - a more traditional GUI based IDE for R (3.94MB) from:

For MS/Windows 64bit download Extract all the files that appear in the bin folder to somewhere on your hard disk. Then modify the system's PATH (right mouse on Computer; Properties; Advanced; Environment Variables; System variables; Path; Edit) to include the full path to this folder. The 64 bit version should then work. We are currently working on making this easier hopefully by including the required libraries within the RGtk2 package.

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