Desktop Survival Guide
by Graham Williams

Generating Open Document Format

The odfWeave package can generate formatted reports which include output from R commands. These R commands might produce tables, statistical summaries, or even plots.

Rattle has initial support for odfWeave with some template reports available and more to come.

This book (formatted using LATEX) uses the Sweave package for all of its R code snippets, showing the results from the R commands. All screen shots and plots included in the book are generated automatically from R commands, some of the R code is shown within the book, and much is not. Each time the book is processed with LATEX the screen shots, plots, and R code output are automatically regenerated, and thus will always be up to date.

The OpenDocument (or ODF) file format is the open standard format for documents. can export such documents as MS/Word format (and this can be scripted so that it is automatic). Also Sun Microsystems provides an odf plugin for MS/Word.

ODF text documents will have the filename extension odt, which is akin to MS/Word's doc files.

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