Desktop Survival Guide
by Graham Williams


SAS Enterprise Miner is a full scale commercial product with pricing to match. Version 4 provided many more modelling options that the rewritten Version 5 (which now uses a Java thin client to access the Enterprise Miner server). The missing functionality is working its way back into the product.

Figure 59.1: SAS Enterprise Miner interface (Version 4).
Image eminer

Enterprise Miner works with the idea of projects. The first task is to make a New Project. Supply a Name (this will be the name of a directory) and a Path (which is where the directory will be created). If you have SAS datasets somewhere, you might want to click across to the Startup Code tab and add something like:

  libname dmsource "/home/share/data/sas";

Then select OK to initialise the project.

Now select the new project, and right click the Data Source node. Create a New Data Source, and Browse to the libname you supplied, and choose a SAS dataset from those available. Click on through to either perform a Basic load (automatic processing of variables) or an Advanced load (to allow tuning of how the variables are treated).

Once the Data Source has been defined, create a New Drawing, and then drag the Data Source on to the new drawing. From the Data tab drag the Partition icon onto the diagram and connect the Data Source to the Parition node. Then from the Classify tab drag a decision tree node onto the diagram and connect the Partition node to the Decision Tree node. No right click the Decision Tree node to select Run, to build the decision tree. Right click again, once it has completed, to view the Results.

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