Desktop Survival Guide
by Graham Williams

The Rattle Log

Image rattle-audit-log

All R commands that Rattle runs underneath are exposed through the text view of the Log tab. The intention is that the R commands be available for copying into the R console so that where Rattle only exposes a limited number of options, further options can be tuned via the R console.

The Log tab aims to be educational as much as possible. Informative comments are included to describe the steps involved.

Also, the whole log can be saved to a script file (with a R filename extension) and in principle, loaded into R to repeat the exact steps of the Rattle interactions. In general, you may want to review the steps and fine tune them to suit your purposes. After pasting the contents of the Log text view into a file, perhaps with a filename of audit-rf-risk.R, you can have the file execute as a script in R with:

> source("audit-rf-risk.R")

Internally, Rattle uses a variable called crs to store its current state, and you can modify this variable directly. Generally, changes you make will be reflected within Rattle and vice versa.

We can export the Log to an R script file (with the .R extension) using the Export button.

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