Desktop Survival Guide
by Graham Williams

Quitting Rattle and R

A rather important note before we get into details--how to quit from the applications.

To exit from Rattle we simply click the Quit button. In general this won't terminate the R Console. The startup message (Figure 2.1) tells us to type q() to quit. Typing this function into the R Console (including the round brackets so that the function is invoked rather than simply listed), and then pressing Enter, will ask R to quit:

> q()

Save workspace image? [y/n/c]:

We are prompted as to whether we would like to save our workspace image. The workspace refers to all of the datasets and other objects we have available in the current R session. We can save all of these objects between different invocations of R, if we wish, by choosing y. Many users generally answer n each time here. If we did not actually want to quit, we can answer c to cancel the operation.

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