Desktop Survival Guide
by Graham Williams

Quality Plots Using R

We can save the plots generated by GGobi into an R script file and then have R generate the plots for you. This allows the plots to be regenerated as publication quality graphics.

The DescribeDisplay package is required for this:

> install.packages("DescribeDisplay")
> library(DescribeDisplay)

Then, within GGobi choose from the Tools menu to Save Display Description. This will prompt you for a filename into which GGobi will write an R script to recreate the current graphic. We can load this script into R with the dd_load function and generate a plot in the usual way:

> pd <- dd_load("ggobi-saved-display-description.R")
> pdf("ggobi-rplot-deductions-outliers")
> plot(pd)
> ggplot(pd)

The resulting plot saved to a pdf file is:

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