Desktop Survival Guide
by Graham Williams



Human Resources

Road building and conreting

Spraying weeds

Cycling to work or going by car and parking fees.

Transport: planning for weather events

Affect on bus timetables.

Impact on taxis

Other target - there will be rain for the next N days.


Cloud Cover and UV affects communications

Tourism planning

Wedding Photography

Major issue

- does today's weather affect tomorrow's likelihood of rain

``Monthly fluctuations in consumer spending are often attributed to the weather. This paper presents a model in which weather affects the productivity of time in nonmarket activities (such as shopping or recreation), and so, via time and budget constraints, may induce substitution in spending across goods and over time. Using monthly data on retail sales and weather data from the National Weather Service, I find that unusual weather has a modest but significant role in explaining monthly sales fluctuations. However, lagged effects often offset original effects, so that weather's influence tends to wash out at a quarterly frequency.''

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