Desktop Survival Guide
by Graham Williams


The Library option of the Data tab provides access to the vast collection of sample datasets available within R. Clicking the radio button will generate the list of available datasets which can be accessed from the Data Name drop down menu. The dataset name, the package which provides that dataset, and a short description of the dataset will be included in the list. Note that the list can be quite long, and its contents will depend on the packages that are installed together with our installation of R.

We identify here a number of useful sample dataset provided by other packages.

To access the provided datasets the relevant package first needs to be loaded with the library function. For many packages (specifically those that declare the datasets as being lazy loaded) the dataset will then be available simply by typing the dataset name. Otherwise the data command needs to be run, giving it the name of the dataset to be made available, before the dataset can be accessed. For example the skel dataset of the archetypes package needs to be loaded before it can be used:

> library(archetypes)
> skel[1,1:5]

Error: object 'skel' not found

> data(skel)
> skel[1,1:5]

  AnkleDiam KneeDiam WristDiam Bitro Biil
1      14.1     18.8      10.4  31.5   26

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