Desktop Survival Guide
by Graham Williams

Install Packages

Back on the Ubuntu Software Centre window, use the search widget (top right, as we see in Figure A.6) to find, and install, each of the following packages.

Figure A.6: The Ubuntu Software Centre, with the result of searching for the glade package.
Image install:software_centre_glade

Currently the Ubuntu Software Centre does not seem to like software sources that have not been authenticated. If r-base does not install, do the steps below to install wajig and r-cran-rattle.

Eventually, only one package will need to be installed: r-cran-rattle. This will ensure other required packages get loaded, but this is awaiting some technical updates to the cran2deb repository. So in the meantime we need to do some things by hand. Start up a Terminal and enter the following commands (you will be asked for your password to get permission to do some of the commands):

$ sudo apt-get install wajig wget
$ wajig install r-cran-rattle
$ wget
$ wajig installfile rattle.wajig

A warning (WARNING: The following packages cannot be authenticated!) may appear. You can choose to continue the installation without authentication.

If R is installed, but there are issues installing the rattle package, then start up R and:

> install.packages("rattle")

Exit from the Ubuntu Software Centre.

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