Desktop Survival Guide
by Graham Williams

Install Macintosh OS/X

Please visit Install Rattle on Mac OS/X for the latest instructions.

To install Rattle under MacOS/X, first make sure X11 is installed (and if not, install it from your restore DVD). We need to download and install the GTK, GGobi and R packages for OS/X, and then install the required R packages, similar to the MS/Windows install.

For MacOS/X on a machine connected to the Internet:

  1. Download and install GTK+ (58MB) from:

  2. Download and install GGobi (5MB) from:

  3. Download and install R (38MB) from:

  4. Install Rattle by starting R and:

    > install.packages("rattle", dependencies=c("Depends", "Suggests"))

  5. Start up Rattle by starting R and:

    > library(rattle)
    > rattle()

A user (Morgan Vallat) reported that there are LOCALE issues for OSX which can be fixed by starting R and then quiting so that preferences are created. Then launch a terminal and execute: defaults write org.R-project.R force.LANG en_US.UTF-8

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