Desktop Survival Guide
by Graham Williams


  1. Using the help facilities of R, find help on the following topics and identify the relevant R function:
    1. Regression trees
    2. Generalised Linear Models
    3. ROC
    4. Mean and Median and Standard Deviation
    5. Principal Components
  2. Explore the scale function, run the examples, and describe in a couple of sentences what it does.
  3. Calculate the following in R:
    1. $log_e(42)$
    2. $log_{10}(42)$
    3. $(5^3-42)/4 - 0.75$
    4. $\sqrt{ \frac{1}{4} (\log_2 (128) + 68) }$
    5. $maximum[1,5,3,8,4,6]$
    6. $average[1,5,3,8,4,6]$

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