Desktop Survival Guide
by Graham Williams

Command Summary

This chapter has covered the following R packages, commands, functions, and datasets.

asRules function Convert a decision tree to rules.
boxplot command Display a box and whisker plot.
c function Concatenate values into a vector.
diamonds dataset Supplied by the ggplot2 package.
dim function Return the dimensions of a dataset.
evaluateRisk function Calculate performance measures.
head function Return the first few rows of a dataset.
help command Display help for a specific function. command Search for help on a specific topic.
hist command Display a histogram of a variable.
ggplot2 package Provides the diamonds dataset.
print command Display supplied string on the console.
latticist package Interactive visualisation of data.
library command Load a package into the R library.
nrow function Return the number of rows in a dataset.
plotRisk command A plot showing model performance.
predict function Score a dataset using a model.
print command Display representation of R object.
R shell Start up the R statistical environment.
RSiteSearch command Search the R web site for help.
rattle command Start the Rattle GUI.
rattle package GUI for data mining with R.
rggobi package Interactive visualisation of data.
rpart function Build a decision tree repdictive model.
rpart package Provides decision tree functions.
sample function Random selection of its first argument.
seq function Return a sequence of numbers.
table function Make a table from some variables.
tail function Return the last few rows of a dataset.
weather dataset From Australian Bureau of Meteorology.
window command Open a new plot on MS/Windows.
x11 command Open a new plot on Unix/Linux.

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