Desktop Survival Guide
by Graham Williams

Add the CRAN Ubuntu Repository

From the Edit menu select the Software Sources option. You may be asked to enter your password (we are assuming you are doing this from a user who has administrator access). The window shown in Figure A.2 will be shown.

Figure A.2: The Ubuntu Software Sources configuration tool.
Image install:software_sources

Select the Other Software tab to display the list of other software sources included in the software centre, as shown in Figure A.3.

Figure A.3: The Ubuntu Software Sources showing just the default additions.
Image install:sources_start

The Add... button at the bottom left should then be clicked. You will be prompted for an APT line, as in Figure A.4.

Figure A.4: The Ubuntu Software Sources prompter for adding a new APT line.
Image install:sources_apt_line

You could use the following:

deb lucid/

It might be best to use a software repository near you. Have a look at for a list of software repositories (and then replace the bit in the above APT line).

Click the Add Source button of this popup window to have the software source added to the repository. You will see it appear in the list of sources in the Other Software tab.

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